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November 12, 13 & 14, 2020

Overture: As part of the quasquicentennial celebration of the commencement of ‘The Living Word’, Journal of Philosophy and Theology, St Joseph Pontifical Seminary Carmelgiri together with the Pontifical Institute, Alwaye invites articles on the theme ‘Faith, Reason and Atheism’ from the experts in the field. The articles so collected will be published in the forthcoming issues of ‘The Living Word’ and consequently as a monograph marking a lasting sign of the celebration. The above theme is envisaged as a general direction. Each author can approach the theme from different perspectives, such as of Philosophy, Theology, Psychology, Sociology, Intra-interreligious Dialogues, Intercultural Encounters etc. Some authors will have the opportunity to present their papers in the webinar/blendinar scheduled to be held on November 12, 13 and 14, 2020.

The Living Word: ‘The Living Word’ is a Journal of Philosophy and Theology which is qualified as one of the leading English Journals published from India. It was formerly known as ‘Eucharist and Priest.’ Rev. Fr Gasper of Queen of Virgins OCD (1862-1938), a German missionary who was a professor of Puthenpally Seminary at Verapoly initiated its first publication in 1895. It was re-named as ‘The Living Word’, in 1967 in view of elevating the seminary as a Pontifical Institute of Philosophy and Theology. Today it has subscribers over five continents. It is published quarterly from Pontifical Institute, Carmelgiri, Alwaye, Kerala. Remaining faithful to the teachings of the Church it responds to the relevant issues of the time.

The Topic – Faith, Reason and Atheism: The attempts for synthesis of and distinction between philosophy and theology are seen for centuries. The independence of them and their reciprocal relationality have been reflected upon by many. Faith consolidates, and illuminates the heritage of truth that human reason acquires. St Thomas Aquinas writes in Summa Theologiae:

We must bear in mind that there are two kinds of sciences. There are some which proceed from the principle known by the natural light of the intelligence, such as arithmetic and geometry and the like. There are some which proceed from principles known by the light of a higher science: thus the science of perspective proceeds from principles established by geometry, and music from principles established by arithmetic. So it is that sacred doctrine is a science, because it proceeds from principles established by the light of a higher science, namely the science of God and the blessed (1a, q. 1, a. 2).

The entire history of theology is basically the exercise of the task of the mind, which shows the intelligibility of faith, its articulation of the inner harmony, its reasonableness, and its ability to further human good. As the classical definition goes, theology is faith seeking understanding. Here the complementarity of faith and reason is sought. Besides, the issues of theodicy are also perennial objects of both intra and inter-religious dialogues and in the interrogations of those who reject the existence of the absolute. So the reflection on Faith, Reason and Atheism is relevant today, as in the past, for the modern man, who has owing to the progress and prosperity in science and technology totally relied upon himself forgetting the absolute, seems to experience now a wakeup call, especially at the face of COVID-19.

Some Important Dates:

The last date to register your intent to collaborate in this venture: September 20, 2020.

The last date to submit the title of your article with a short abstract: September 30, 2020.

The last date to submit the full article: October 31, 2020.

International Webinar ‖ Blendinar: November 12, 13 & 14, 2020.

Presentations by experts in the field such as:

Rev. Dr Franz Gmainer-Pranzl

University of Salzburg, Austria

Rev. Dr Thomas A. Baima

University of St Mary of the Lake, USA

Inauguration: His Excellency Rt. Rev. Dr James Raphael Anaparambil

Bishop of Alleppey & Member of Episcopal Commission for the Seminary

For further information:

[email protected][email protected] ‖ Cell no. 09496092892

Organizing Team:

Rev. Dr Chacko Punthenpurackal, Rector, St Joseph Pontifical Seminary, Carmelgiri, Alwaye

Rev. Dr Clement Valluvassery, Rev. Dr Bijoy Augustine Marottickal, Rev. Dr Joseph Sugun Leon

Bros. Palliparambil Martin Garrison Paiva, Thannikkal Joseph Shelson, Vadassery Ashbal Jacob & Vattattil Joseph Dominic