Witnessing to the Gospel in a Pluralistic World

National Conference


January 20, 2020

8.30              Registration

9.00              Poster Exhibition

9.30              Inauguration:

Inaugural Address: Rt. Rev. Dr. Varghese Chakkalakal,

Presidential Address and Introduction to RIC cdpf: Rev. Dr. Chacko Puthenpurackal


10.40 to 10.55             Tea Break


10.55 to 11.45             Keynote Address: Prof. Dr. Francis Gonsalves SJ

11.45 to 12.35             Presentation 1: Rev. Dr. D. Alphonse

Church as a Witnessing Community to Christ.


12.35 to 14.00             Lunch Break


                     Concurrent Sessions   

14.00 to 16.00

  • Presentation 2: Dr. Antony Kurisingal

Interreligious Dialogue: Opportunities and Challenges.

  • Presentation 3: Dr. Bijoy Augustine Marottikal

Telling the Story of Jesus in the Multi-religious India: Towards a Mission Christology.

  • Presentation 4: Dr. Charles Leon

Contemporary Socio-Political Challenges ahead of Christian Witnessing in India.

  • Presentation 5: Dr. Kuriakose Poovathumkudy

Centennial Reminiscence: Re-reading of Maximum Illud.

  • Presentation 6: Dr. Raju Plathottam

Role of Education in the Context of Mission in the 21st Century.

  • Presentation 7: Sr. Dr. Ruby CTC

Contributions of Missionaries in India/Kerala and Their Psychological Impacts.

  • Presentation 8: Dr. Shaji Jerman

Dependence to Transcendence: Mission Diocese into a Missionary Diocese.

  • Presentation 9: Fr. D. Shajkumar

A New Evangelization in Action: A Case Study of Anjappam-Neyyattinkara.

  • Presentation 10: Dr. Sugun Leon

Communication of Trinitarian Mission Today.

  • Presentation 11: Dr. Sujan Amrtham

The Gospel-Values Unveiled in the Main Stories of T. Padmanabhan.

  • Scholars Meet – Concept Paper: Research and Scholarship Collaboration for Pastoral Excellence and Community Development – Possibilities and New Initiatives of a Common Platform.

Rev. Dr. Johny Xavier Puthukkattu


16.00 to18.00              Tea Break & Leisure


Plenary Sessions

18.00 to18.30 Evening Prayer

18.30 to 19.15             Presentation12: Rev. Dr. Stephen Alathara

                     Missio ad gentes: The Perennial Mission of the Church in India.

19.15 to 20.00             Presentation 13: Rev. Dr. Jenson Puthenveettil

De-islandification of Faith – Philosophical View.


20.00                           Supper

21.00 to 21.50             Cultural Programme


January 21, 2020


9.00 to 9.10                 Resume

9.10 to 10.00               Presentation 14: Swami Dr. Sachiddananda Bharati

Sanyasa – A Hindu-Christian Meeting Point.

10.00 to 10.50             Presentation 15: Rev. Sr. Dr. Teresa CSST

Transformative Pathways of Education in Nation Building: Contributions of Christian Missionaries – A Historical Analysis.


10.50 to 11.10             Break/ Tea/Coffee


11.10 to 11.55             Presentation 16: Rev. Dr. Joy Puthussery ISch

Integrated Life for an Integrated Mission.

11.55 to 12.40             Presentation 17: Rev. Dr. Xavier Francis Tharamel SJ

Christian Models of Pluralistic Engagements.


12.40 to 14.00             Lunch Break


14.00 to 14.20 Presentation 18: Rev. Dn. Thomas Joosa

A Heiddeggarian Reading of Markan Temptation Account (Mk1:12-13).

14.20 to 14.55 Presentation 19: Rev. Dr. Vincent Kundukulam

Plausibility of Christianity in a Pluralistic World.


15.00 to 16.15 Valedictory Function

Chief Guest:    Rev. Dr. Gasper Kadaviparambil.