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Pastoral Orientation Forum

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Report of Pastoral Orientation Forum 2010-11


POF is an activity under the CALACS, usually organized for the first year theology students to make them familiar with the pastoral pedagogy and experiences. Students themselves prepare and present topics related to parish life under the guidance of the Professors in the Seminary.POF enables the students to come into contact with various pastoral experiences and movements. Thus the members of POF become prepared to enter into the pastoral field with well equipped mind and spirit. 2010 – 2011 was a fruitful academic year for POF under the guidance of Rev. Fr. Gregory Arby and Rev. Fr. Augustine Kadeparambil.

This year classes on youth formation, pious associations, Basic Christian Community and Kerala Regional Catholic Council (KRLCC) were conducted with the help of experts on each topic. Familiarizing methods of meditation is continuing through out the year.
Through the youth formation, the seminarians could deepen their information on the churches vision on youth and learn new techniques for the formation of the youth in the parishes. The classes on BCC provided the seminarians with a renewed interest in this area. The lecture on pious associations was really fruitful that it gave integral information about the way each association functions in the parishes with their proper charism. The KRLCC is a new venture of Latin Catholic Church in Kerala. Therefore, more importance was given to this topic too. 
At the end of these classes, conducted on various Sundays, students were divided into four groups and each group made a scientific study on the same topic and presented them for all. These studies and presentations made the students to think about the challenges that must be faced during their pastoral ministry in the future


Br. Agnel 
Br. Merton

Pastoral Orientation Forum (POF) 2008-2009

The pastoral Orientation Forum is mainly meant for the first and second year Theology students of Carmelgiri Seminary. The member of the Forum gather generally on Sundays to discuss and study the perspective and problems of Pastoral Ministry.
This precious and joyous moments help the brothers to be familiar with the pastoral pedagogy and experiences. Pastoral Orientation Forum encourages the brothers not to be the one, who puts his lighting lamp under the bushel basket (Mt 5,15).
This year, the groups were divided into four groups and they presented the following topics with the due preparation and creativity. And the best groups were awarded prizes. Subjects discussed were as follows:
a) Social Sensitivity
b) Pastoral Ministry
c) Family Apostolate 
d) A Model Parish Priest
e) Parish Youth Ministry
Apart from the preparation of brothers, qualified resource persons were invited to guide the sessions respectively. The sessions were guided and moderated by resource persons such as:

1. Rev. Fr. Joshy Mayyattil (Professor of St. Joseph Pontifical Seminary, Alwaye)
2. Rev. Fr. Sijan (Assistant Parish priest of Thottakattukara)
3. Rev. Fr. Antony John Puliparambil (Director of Family Apostolate, Verapoly)
4. Fr. Sujan (Professor of St. Joseph Pontifical Seminary, Alwaye).
We thank our Rector Very Rev. Fr. Selvister Ponnumuthan, our Vice Rector Rev. Fr. Dominic Pinheiro and Rev. Dr. Augustine John and Rev. Dr. Shaji Jerman our directors for their encouragement and guidance.
Br. Odathakkal Antony Lijo
Br. John Dall


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