One symptom of the great poverty of contemporary culture is loneliness, arising from the absence of God in a person's life and the fragility of relationships.
Pope Francis (Amoris Laetitia 43)


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  • Carmelgiri Seminary Missiology Forum Report 2010 - 11

  • The very existence of a Christian is a call to witness Christ. CSMF encourages seminarians to cultivate in them the missionary spirit and pastoral spirit that later help them more in their future ministries. CSMF was officially inaugurated on 30th October 1997, by Archbishop Daniel Acharuparambil. CSMF conducts prayer meeting on every Saturday after supper. The core members and other interested brothers participate in the prayer meeting. Rev. Fr. Ambrose puthenveettil is the present Director of CSMF. The main activities of CSMF in the seminary are the weekly prayer, mission week celebrations and mission expo. CSMF also gives an occasion for the seminarians to have mission sharing with Missionary Fathers working outside. This year CSMF could collect a very good amount as mission collection Rs. 38350 in October.    

  • Missiology Forum 2008-2009

  • The sublime legacy of mission that the Carmelgiri Seminary has inherited from Fr. Zacharias OCD, Fr. Aurelian, Servants of God, is carried on through CSMF. C.S.M.F. does its best to boost the missionary zeal of brothers and instil in them the love of mission. The official inauguration of the activities of CSMF for the year 2008-2009 was done by Sri. Sippi Pallippuram on June 18th 2008.

  • Accomplishments
    Mission notice board has been very effective in making the brothers aware of mission work around the world. Up to date news, articles and photos about the mission of the church were collected from various sources and were presented on the board attracting almost everyone.
    This year II year theologians the undertook the challenge of mission by spending seven days in Conniyoor. With the grace of God they could help in the construction of a house for a poor family there. They also had pastoral experiences through house visits and prayer meeting.

  • The missionary zeal of the staff and brothers was evident during this year’s mission week which began with the mission exhibition: “Missionary activity in the particular churches.” It was inaugurated by Very Rev. Fr. Rector on 26th October 2008. Unlike the past years, there was a heart-rending photo gallery depicting the life on streets, comprising the photos of Mr. Murukan. All the batches took part actively for each day’s prayer session and also presented wall magazines along with the mission message competition on various themes assigned to them. On 30th October, the celebrations reached the summit with the colorful ‘Thattukada’, auction and mission land working in full swing. The mission week was concluded with the mission academy on the same day in which Mr. Murukan and Mr. Judson shared their life experience with the brothers. They were honoured with ‘Ponnaada’ by Very Rev. Fr. Rector.

  • And as a symbol of love and unity towards those who were persecuted in orissa , the whole Carmelgiri Seminary knelt before the Lord in adoration and with special prayer session under the auspices of CSMF.

  • And finally it is our bounden duty to acknowledge gratefully the care and support of Very Rev. Fr. Selvister Ponnumuthan, the founder director and the present Rector, Fr. Dominic Pinheiro, the Vice Rector and Fr. Chacko Puthenpurackal, the Procurator. And we express our heartfelt gratitude to Fr. Shaji Jerman, the Director, without whom we would not have reached where we are now and what we are now. We thank all who have been with us in our pursuit of vision and mission.

  • Secretaries 
    Br. Linson Aradan
    Br. Jenson


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