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Carmelgiri Social Service Apostolate

  • It is a great privilege for us to put forward a brief report of the activities of social service. 
    The aim of helping the poor, the sick and needy is based on the words of Jesus Christ: “Just as you did it to one of the least of these who are members of my family, you did it to me” (Mt 25, 40).
    A genuine concern for the poor and the sick led us to fast every Friday. Every Sunday we give food and financial help to the poor and needy.
    We were able to donate blood to several patients this year. The main source of income for the forum are raring rabbits, book binding, hair cutting, cultivation of vegetables, publishing the Carmel Diary, valuable gifts of Rev. Fathers and Brothers etc. We collect a small amount of money from seminarians every month. The seminarians are given opportunities to involve themselves in the social apostolate to help them develop concern for the poor and the sick. Every seminarian works in the field every day, to cultivate vegetables, which the seminary buys from them at the market price. The 50% the money thus raised, is distributed to the poor in need of medical treatment, housing, education etc., one of the valuable services carried out by the social apostolate is the Blood Donations. We also pray for all beneficiaries and our benefactors. We bow in gratitude before the God for His plenitude of grace, care and love for everyone of us. We express our heart-felt thanks to our beloved Rector Rev. Dr. James Anamparambil. We express our gratitude to Rev. Fr. Xavier Karuvallil, Spiritual Father and director of the Forum, Rev. Fathers, and our Vice Rector Very Rev. Fr. Dominic Pinheiro and all our Fathers, Sisters and Brothers for their generous help. With immense joy we present this report in honor of the Almighty God.

  • CSSA Members.

  • Report of Agricultural Work 2008-2009

    The agricultural work of this academic year 2008-2009 was inaugurated by Sri. Unnimoopan, the senior most worker of the seminary on the eve of 4th of June 2008. On the same occasion, Very Rev. Dr. Selvister Ponnumuthan, the Rector of Carmelgiri Seminary wish at the best for agricultural activities the students would take up. He spoke of the importance of manual labour on the land as part of fracticying this earth and loving our temporal dwelling. 
    Being the director of the agricultural work, Very Rev. Dr. Dominic Pinheiro, the vice Rector of the Seminary gave encouragement and full support to the seminarians and assigned work plots for each batch. Rev. Dr. Chacko Puthenpurackal, the Procurator of the seminary provided us all the necessary materials and tools for work. For the better running of the agricultural work, Bros. Gasper Peruvelil and Shinto Thomas Veleeparambil were appointed a work masters of theology and philosophy sections respectively. There was seminar on biogas, compost, etc., held on 22nd of July 2008. It was led by Mr. Jiss and team of Ernakulam – Angamaly serice society.
    The profit of the agricultural work is divided into two; one part would be give to social service and the rest would go to each batch.
    We convey our sincere gratitude to Rev. Dr. Selvister Ponnumuthan who always encouraged us Rev. Dr. Dominic Pinheiro also directed us all through the year, to Rev. Dr. Chacko Puthepurackal also supplied everything necessary for work, and to the animators of all batches who led us to work fruitfully. We produced 4707 Kgs of vegetables which is worth Rs. 36,118/-
    Over all Picture
    Kg Rs.
    I Philosopy 118 1736.00
    II Philosophy 3333 25,716.00
    I Theology 188 548.00
    II Theology 418 32.56.
    III Theology 580 4862.00
    Total 4707 36,118.00


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