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The Beginnings (1682 – 1690) 

            The Carmelite Missionaries, who were sent to Malabar by Pope Alexander VII in the year 1657, started a small Seminary at Verapoly in 1682. The Seminary worked satisfactorily for some time, but it had to be closed down owing to some adverse circumstances. 

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Welcome to Carmelgiri Welcome to Carmelgiri


Carmelgiri Seminary Missiology Forum Report 2010 - 11 The very existence of a Christian is a call to witness Christ. CSMF encourages seminarians to cultivate in them the missionary spirit and pastoral spirit that later help them more in their future ministries. CSMF was officially inaugurated on 30th October 1997, by Archbishop Daniel Acharuparambil. CSMF c...

Gundert and Hopkins Forum

Gundert and Hopkins Literary Associations 2010-2011 In order to develop the literary and aesthetic qualities of philosophy students, Rev. Fr. Christie started a forum named Hopkins And Gundert. The seminarians, especially the philosophy students, are given opportunities to develop their talents through the forum. In the academic year 2010-201, Hopkins and Gundert Foru...

Pastoral Orientation Forum

Report of Pastoral Orientation Forum 2010-11   POF is an activity under the CALACS, usually organized for the first year theology students to make them familiar with the pastoral pedagogy and experiences. Students themselves prepare and present topics related to parish life under the guidance of the Professors in the Seminary.POF enables the students to come into contac...


Profile PIA
Pontifical Institute of Theology and Philosophy, Alwaye is an Institute in Kerala, India, which is predominantly an inter-ritual Faculty. One can learn theological and philosophical discipline as well as culture, heritage and tradition of the Kerala Church. “The Pontifical Institute, Alwaye” was erected by the Holy See at Alwaye, Kerala State, India in 1972. On 15th February 1973, t...

Ecumenism & Dialogue

   The onset of an ecumenical alliance originate back to one of the foremost Kerigmatic convictions of the church that the “church is one” and the faith which she professes is “one and only one”. The forum was founded in the Pontifical Seminary by Rev. Fr. Zacharias OCD and Rev. Fr. Aurelian OCD with subtle implication and foresight. The commitments of the foru...


Carmelgiri Social Service Apostolate   It is a great privilege for us to put forward a brief report of the activities of social service.  The aim of helping the poor, the sick and needy is based on the words of Jesus Christ: “Just as you did it to one of the least of these who are members of my family, you did it to me” (Mt 25, 40)....

Cultural and Literary Association

Cultural and Literary Association of Carmelgiri Seminary (CALACS) - Report 2010 – 2011 CALACS is the coordinating body of all the cultural and literary activities of the Carmelgiri Seminary, Alwaye. As in the earlier academic years CALACS has convened a good number of academic sessions this year as well. Welcome is the quintessence of the relation...

Bible Academy

The Holy Bible is the source and inspiration of Christian life. Bible Academy, a forum for Philosophy students aims at helping the students to cultivate a deep love for the word of God by arranging different programmes based onthe Word of God.   The formal inauguration of the bible academy for the academic year 2010-2011 was in...


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