"I have called you by name, you are mine"
(Isaiah 43:1)

Hearty Welcome to His Excellency Archbishop Most Rev. Dr. Salvatore Pennacchio
Papal Nuncio to India

Carmelgiri, Alway: Heritage of 350 years


The Beginnings (1682 – 1690) 

The Carmelite Missionaries, who were sent to Malabar by Pope Alexander VII in the year 1657, started a small Seminary at Verapoly in 1682. The Seminary worked satisfactorily for some time, but it had to be closed down owing to some adverse circumstances. 

The Re-organized Seminary (1764 – 1886) 

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Ecumenism & Dialogue

The onset of an ecumenical alliance originate back to one of the foremost Kerigmatic convictions of the church that the “church is one” and the faith which she professes is “one and only one”. The forum was founded in the Pontifical Seminary by Rev. Fr. Zacharias ...

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