Youth Renewed in Spirit & Truth


The Seminary is heir to a very rich history of three hundred and twenty years under the Carmelite Missionaries founding institutes indigenous Clergy for the first time in India.

The Seminary is situated on the banks of the famous river Periyar in an exotic campus of lush gardens, plantation of coconuts, rubber, bananas, mango, nutmeg groves, many varieties of trees and beans. The climate throughout the year is pleasant and rocked by monsoon (June-July) and mid October rainfalls.

The Central Block, a piece de resistance of the building complex, constructed in 1955 by Spanish Carmelite Missionaries, as Philosophy College of the erstwhile Inter-Ritual St. Joseph’s Pontifical Seminary, Alwaye.

In 1997 Carmelgiri became the Regional Major Seminary for the Latin Church of Kerala. In the course of time, a new Theology Block was constructed with 120 self-contained rooms.

Seminary was the venue for the XIXth CCBI Plenary Assembly, January 4-9, 2007.